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Madrid Ring Sling - Pleated shoulder

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Details and special features of the HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling: Weave - The cross twill weave used gives the HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling excellent and single-coloured stretchability in both diagonal directions. This allows the sling to adjust itself optimally to both the baby's and the carrier's body, and to support the baby's back. In doing so, the sling does not stretch out, and it does not lose its shape even if heavier babies are carried for longer periods. Yarn - The yarn which is used to weave the HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling is made out of 100% long-piled cotton. Hoppediz uses high-quality threaded yarn in both warp and weft. This supports the diagonal stretchability and the holding power of the weave, and guarantees exceptional durability. The yarns used are neither pre-bleached nor chemically finished, and are also completely free of post-treatment. Colours - Thanks to the high-quality, non-toxic and heavy metal-free dyes used, the HOPPEDIZ Baby Slings are extremely kind to the skin. The natural yarns are dyed before weaving (this process is known as yarn dyeing). This means that the yarns are exceptionally colour-fast. Thanks to this the HOPPEDIZ Baby Slings still look like new even after many washes (using laundry detergent without fluorescent whitening agents). Length - The HOPPEDIZ Baby Slings are not pre-shrunk after weaving. This production method is unnecessary and expensive, and results in unnecessary environmental pollution due to the resulting soap suds. For this reason, HOPPEDIZ Baby Slings are slightly longer than stated before the first wash, and only have the stated length after this. Washing - The HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling can be washed at up to 60C (30C or 40C is, however, normally sufficient) and can be dried in a tumble drier. This means that it becomes pleasantly soft even without fabric softeners. Strength - The HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling can also be used as an obstetric aid in the delivery room. Here it can be loaded with a tensile force of up to around 700 kg. This result was determined by the Technical University of Dresden (Institute for Textile and Process Engineering) to DIN EN ISO 139434-1. Rails - Stable positioning of the HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling is guaranteed by the double-hemmed edges, even under longer and heavier loading. The edges are woven in contrasting colours so that they are easier to find when pulling tight. A marker in contrasting colours indicates the centre of the cloth, which makes finding the centre during tying considerably easier. Tails - The HOPPEDIZ Baby Sling is cut obliquely and parallel at the ends so that the cloth ends are easier to tie. Instructions - All HOPPEDIZ Baby Slings are supplied with extensive, well-illustrated and easy to understand tying instructions (60 pages, colour, DIN A4). This enables parents who do not have the opportunity to attend a carrying course to get to know the tying methods and the advantages of carrying in a sling.

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