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11 Odd Reasons We Love Babywearing

Posted by ABC on 12/10/2012
There are so many health giving, sanity saving, reasons to babywear, but let's get real for a bit! I've said countless times that I would babywear even if it lowered IQ, caused obscure tropical diseases & ate away at the biosphere ;) because it's the only way I know how to parent a young child! We hear so much about the wonderful, bonding, loving, newborn snuggly-goodness of carrying, who needs another blog post about that?! Not us.

We're fans of reality blogging. The real reasons we all babywearer. In no particular order, here are my own odd reasons, along with yours (thanks for the crowdsourcing y'all).

1. Ease of nose wiping. Nothing wipes a toddler's (or, let's face it, your own) nose like the tail of a ring sling.

2.Vanity. We look fly casually tossing a toddler on our back, while manipulating gorgeous fabric into a pattern that not only attaches another human to us, but is worthy of knot tying skills any Girl Guide (or 50 Shades protege) would be proud to show off.

3.Ease of peeing. Number 2 too. It's just So. Much. Easier. to use a bathroom when your baby is in a carrier! I discovered this gem of BWing while at Folk Fest as a new mom, with my 4 month old. I could pee in the PortaPotties without putting my baby down on the gross! Hallelujah! In a testament to the staying power of this R2B (Reason 2 Babywear), the bathroom usage comment currently has the most likes on our Facebook page.

4.Vanity. "There's nothing like a good double hammock to keep the "girls" in place." That comment's a close second for the most likes on Facebook.

5.License to appear crazy. "The weird looks I get when people think I'm talking to myself.... And the looks on their faces when they realize there is a person strapped to me!"

6.Ease of ER Visits. This R2B comes from a mother who appears to have as many boys as we do, who also appreciates how straitforward it is to seek emergency care for her baby's (male) siblings. We can relate.

7.Acceptable Public Nudity. A carefully wrapped mom (see about double hammock comment) can answer her door, check the mail or hell, hit up her local Starbucks with nothin' on but Didymos. A young-ish child, prone to pants wetting or diaper blowouts (which, BTW, doesn't happen often with cloth) can be plunked pantless in the carrier of your choice & no one's the wiser.

8.Vanity. "Being able to dress up pyjamas." Have snazzy carrier, will leave house.

9.#momporn "Babywearing photos and stash shots-it's my porn."

10.Multipurposing. "The satisfaction I get from using our car wrap for tons of other stuff: sun shade, picnic blanket, impromptu high chair strap, blanket. I feel so smug, it's shameful."

11.Improved success at Yoga. "It makes me good at certain yoga poses, especially the ones involving back strength."

What are your odd R2Bs?